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Caribou have long been vital to the survival of Indigenous peoples in the north; the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis.

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Reasons for the drop in caribou populations are complicated. There is still some disagreement among scientific and Indigenous experts as to which factors are most important.


It is often said that forms of wildlife management are mostly not about managing the animals, but about managing people. Some Indigenous peoples find it disrespectful to even talk about managing caribou. In that spirit, this section is largely about managing human interventions that affect caribou.

Managing hunting

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Managing predators

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Range management

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Caribou: Take Action Today for the Future

A brief statement by the Northwest Territories Minister of Environment and Natural Resources announcing a new communications push to promote ethical caribou hunting practices. The plan was co-seveloped with Indigenous governments and representatives.
GNWT (2023)

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BQCMB - Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan - 2023

A 11'29" video by the Beverly and Qamairjuaq Caribou Management Board. It aggregates testimony from Indigenous people speaking at hearings into the Nunavut Land Use Plan in Rankin Inlet and Thompson Manitoba. The testimony highlights the importance of protecting caribou habitat, especially calving grounds. The end of the video highlights written statements from organizations expressing the same sentiments.

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