Habitat restoration may be alternative to wolf cull, says study

A news story about research into the effects of seismic lines lines and roads on wolves' access to caribou. The study obstructed some lines and roads with natural barriers, making them more like the surrounding bush. According to the story, encounters between wolves and caribou dropped dramatically where the access routes has been obstructed. The story also quotes a professor of ecology saying "...this study is just the first baby step in looking at whether an alternate approach like this could have the same results as what you see with wolf control."
17 June 2021 | Cabin Radio (NWT)

Colville Lake challenging caribou decision in court

A news story about the Northwest Territories community of Colville Lake (Behdzi Ahda First Nation) asking the NWT Supreme Court to rule on the application of the tag and quota system for caribou hunting. The community had developed its own conservation plan for hunting the Bluenose East herd, a plan that was approved by the Sahtu renewable Resources Board. The Territorial Minister of Environment and Natural Resources over-ruled the Board's decision citing the herd's continuing low numbers.
7 June 2021 | CBC north

How eight idle wells might determine the future of oil and gas in Yukon

A proposal to restart testing oil and gas resources in Eagle Plains in northern Yukon is being considered by a territorial board. The areas of the proposed testing overlaps with the wintering area of the Porcupine caribou herd. The proposed project in is Vuntut Gwich'in territory. The first nation says it is anaylzing the project proposal's likely impact on caribou. 
3 June 2021 | The Narwhal

Biden administration puts Arctic refuge leases on ice as it asks for new environmental reviews

A news story about the ongoing controversial potential development of oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This Alaskan refuge contains the calving grounds of the Porcupine caribou herd. Oil and gas leases in the refuge were approved in the dying days of the previous US administration. The current administration has suspended the leases pending review that  that may recommend the leases are “reaffirmed, voided, or subject to additional mitigation measures”.
1 June 2021 | Alaska Public Media

Privacy commissioner recommends release of caribou location data

This news article is about the release of old caribou location data in Yukon. The Yukon government had refused to release the data after a privacy request. Yukon's information and privacy commissioner says there is no reason for the government to withhold most of the location records requested.
20 May 2021 | Yukon News

We watch everything: Dene Elders guide effort to save vanishing Arctic caribou

Photo essay about the Ekwǫ̀ Nàxoède K’è: Boots on the Ground program, initiated by the Tłı̨chǫ Government in the Northwest Territories. The program is designed to monitor the dwindling caribou in the region, teach land skills, and pass on culture.
17 May 2021 | the Narwhal

Mass deaths of reindeer on Yamal peninsula might be linked to climate change, scientists believe

Thousands of wild and herded reindeer starved to death last winter on the Yamal Peninsula in the Northwest part of Russia according to this news article. The starvation is blamed on "icing" events, where rain or melting in the snow pack form sheets of ice that the reindeer must dig through to get food. The icing events are linked to climate change, though the article also notes that oil and gas industry facilities have shrunk the forage area available to reindeer.
11 May 2021 | Siberian Times (Russia)

Don’t waste caribou, Kivalliq HTO tells hunters

A spokesperson for the local Hunters and Trappers Organization in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut urges people to not waste parts of the caribou they hunt. The story speaks of anecdotal evidence that people are leaving less sought-after parts of the caribou behind. 
7 May 2021 | Nunatsiaq News (Nunavut)

ENR seeking information on wasted caribou in Aklavik

A news story about finding wasted caribou meat near Aklavik, NWT. Stories from earleir this year taked about wasted caribou meat in the Yellowknife region.
3 May 2021 | Cabin Radio (NWT)

What Human Rights Look Like: Border-Crossing Caribou and a Fight for Environmental Justice

This article focuses on the advocacy of Lenny Kohm, a photographer who worked with Gwich'in (a first nation in the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Alaska) to create the Last Great Wilderness show that focused on opposition to drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge in Alaska contains the calving grounds of the Porcupine caribou herd that migrates between Alaska, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.
23 April 2021 | Network in Canadian History & Environment