What can caribou hear? Scientists work to understand impact of noise

A story about research conducted into what sounds caribou can hear, and the sounds around them. The first part of the research focused on what caribou can hear, and found they are particularly responsive to higher frequency sounds. The second part added audio recorders to collared caribou, "Tracking how caribou react to sounds in their environment could help define strategies for reducing development’s impact on the animals." according to the story. bonus for teachers - this story also includes sounds from the collared caribou, including a caribou burp.
21 November 2022 | Cabin radio

QIA says Nunavut land-use plan doesn’t go far enough to protect caribou

The Qikiqtani Inuit Association (the organization that holds land rights for Inuit in the Baffin region of Nunavut) is urging more prtoections for caribou in the Nunavut Land Use Plan. The land use plan is in its final hearing stage. The plan has been under development for several years and will influence the future of development in the territory. 
18 November 2022 | Nunatsiaq news

Necessity of gov't quota on caribou harvesting debated at final day of Colville Lake hearing

A story outlining arguments on the final day of a court case brought to determine who sets caribou conservation rules for harvesting caribou from the Bluenose West herd in the Northwest Territories. The Small Dene community of Colville Lake is arguing rules developed by the community should take precedence, while the government insists that its approach that includes harvest limits should be applied.
14 November 2022 | CBC north

Colville Lake caribou court challenge begins in N.W.T.

A First Nation in the Sahtu region of the NWT is taking the NWT government to court over the question of rights to apply its own caribou conservation plan rather than the plan applied by the territorial government. The Behdzi Ahda First Nation in Colville Lake argues that a quota ssytem for the Bluenose West caribou herd should be set aside on the First Nation territory, and its own community conservation plan should take precedence. The Sahtu Renewable Resources Board is supporting the community's position, while the Inuvialuit Game Council supports the territorial government position.
10 November 2022 | cbc north

GN calls for federal investigation into Agnico Eagle’s Meadowbank mine

The Government of Nunavut is asking the federal government to investigate what it says is a mining company's failure to follow caribou conservation measures. The Meadowbank Gold Mine, north of Baker Lake in Nunavut, is supposed to close raods when groups of caribou are in the vicinity. In a letter, a Nunavut government representative says this is the fourth year that there is evidence that the comany has not followed the rules on raod closures.
3 November 2022 | Nunatsiaq news

Diamond mine proposal draws concerns for wildlife, environment

Caribou calving areas on the south of Baffin Island (Nunavut) could be affected by a proposed diamond mine in the area. The DeBeers mine could open as soon as 2026 if granted regulatory approval. The number of caribou on the island has shrunk by an estimated 95% since highs in the 1990s..
14 October 2022 | Nunatsiaq News

Critics get their time at Nunavut land use planning hearings

A story about the hearings into the Nunavut Land Use Plan. Some speakers at hte hearings drew attention to the importance of the plan to caribou herds, and asked for more such protections before hte plan is finally adopted.
27 September 2022 | cbc north

NWT opens another illegal caribou harvest investigation

A news story about investigations into potential illegal hunting of Bathurst caribou in the Northwest Territories. The herd has shrunk by 98% from its highest levels. The territorial government instituted a mobile zone within which the caribou should not be killed to protect the remainder of the herd. The remains of caribou hunted within this zone were reportedly found by conservation staff.
19 September 2022 | Cabin Radio

Habitat restoration shifts predator-prey dynamics of Alberta's caribou and wolves, study says

A news story about a study conducted in Alberta on the caribou conservation effects of amending seismic lines to return them to closer to a natural state. The study found that restored siesmic lines slowed both caribou and wolves travelling along them. There is a suggestion that slowing the animals may reduce rates of wolf predation on caribou.
16 September 2022 | cbc

Commission releases new version of Dawson land use plan

A news story about the release of a draft land use plan to be managed by the Yukon and Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin First Nation governments. The draft plan includes withdrawing a corridor used by the Fortymile caribou herd from use for quartz mining. The plan covers just under 40 thousand saquare kilometres in the Dawson region. 
13 September 2022 | cbc north