Quebec Cree and Innu leaders agree to reduce caribou harvest after summer wildfires

Cree and Innu leaders are reducing the number of caribou that Innu hunters can harvest from the Leaf River herd on Cree lands to 50, from a previously agreed figure of 300. The reduction is due to concerns about the impacts of recent forest fires in the herd's range. "...we must offer the caribou the opportunity to recover and adapt, especially amid growing climate challenges." said Chief Daisy House, of the Cree community of Chisasibi.The Leaf River herd numbers about 190,000 animals, down from imore than 600,000 in 2000.  
26 January 2024 | cbc north

Arctic caribou on thin ice: climate change threats revealed

This brief article provide a summary of research into the impacts of climate change on Peary caribou. There is also a mention of caribou on Baffin Island. The research found that Peary caribou, that migrate aross sea ice, face challenges as the sea ice progressively thins and diminishes. 
23 January 2024 | Sigma bulletin

Oil field road traffic disrupts North Slope caribou more than previously recognized

Acording to this news article, a new study has found that the threshold for traffic to disturb caribou is lower than previously thought. The article says five vehicles per hour is enough to distrub caribou near the road. The prvious generally accepted figure was 15 vehicles per hour. The study foused on the Central Arctic Caribour Herd in Alaska
17 January 2024 | Alaska Public Media

Caribou Management in Alaska

An Alaska public radio call-in program on the subject of caribou management, including climate change impacts and harvest levels. The program runs just under an hour. Not Canadian, but discussing similar issues.
10 January 2024 | Alaska Public Media

Board recommends against proposed mining road in central Yukon

A Yukon environmental review has recommended against the building of a road that is in the range of the Fortymile and Klaza caribou herd. Concerns about the impact of the road on the two herds were a factor in the board's recommendation. The recommendation now goes for decision by the Yukon government and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
3 January 2024 | cbc north

Taking a Bite Out of Caribou Herds

An article written by a researcher looking into the factors affecting the decline of barren ground caribou, particularly the Bathurst herd. The researcher is a member of the "Kutz lab" team that has been working alongside Indigenous communities in the Northwest Territories to investigate causes of the decline, and monitor caribou health. "In the coming year, we are initiating a new project for Central Canadian barren-ground caribou to see whether Indigenous knowledge of caribou health, coupled with harvester-based sampling and local field observations, can anticipate population shifts for proactive management."
14 December 2023 | fair chase magazine

For the Gwich’in People, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Isn’t a Political Issue, It’s Home

A brief magazine article focusing on the importance of the Porcupine caribou herd to Gwich'in people. The article is written in the context of continuing pressure to open up a part of the herd's Alaskan calving grounds to oil and gas exploration and development.
7 December 2023 | Smithsonian Magazine

All-season road between Tibbitt Lake and Lockhart Lake moves forward despite dwindling diamonds

The government of the Northwest Territories plans to proceed with an all season road that pushes into a mineral-rich region north of Yellowknife. There are concerns the road would imperil already-declining caribou herds, especially the endangered Bathurst herd. An environmental review of development in the region is pending.
1 December 2023 | CBC North

Caribou numbers will decline as long as Nunavut goes without land use plan says former premier

This story talks about the impacts on caribou from the lack of a land use plan for Nunavut. The plan, which has been in preparation for many years, was submitted to governments and Nunvut Tunngavik Incorporated (the Nunavut land claims organization) earlier this year. Former premier Paul Okalik blames the absence of a plan for the encroachment of mining companies on caribou calving grounds, and subsequent threats to caribou populations.
30 November 2023 | APTN

Review board recommends against Meliadine mine extension

The projet review board for Nunavut has recommended against the expansion of a gold mine north of Rankin Inlet. The Nunavut Impact Review Board says impacts of the expansion pose a risk to the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd. The board's recommendation goes to the federal Minister of Nortern Affairs for a final decision.
22 November 2023 | Nunatsiaq News