Killing wolves won't save caribou herds, experts say

A 2019 news story quoting two biologists who argue that wolf predation is not the major problem in driving the current caribou declines
27 February 2019 | CBC

Regulating wild food suggested to ease Arctic hunger: Caribou Marketing Board

A 2019 news story referencing a report by the National Indigenous Economic Development Board suggesting that sale of wild foods in the north should be regulated.
25 February 2019 | CTV

Nunavut’s biggest caribou herd still faces downward trend, warns report

A 2019 news story on the Beverly and Qamanirjuaq herds that talks about the difficulty of tracking hunting numbers especially due to online sales of caribou meat. It is also critical of increased mineral exploration.
10 January 2019 | Nunatsiaq News

Population monitoring: Leaf River migratory caribou herd

The Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP) has released updated population information on the Leaf River migratory caribou herd. As of November 2018, the data show that the population is still declining.
13 December 2018 | CNW Quebec

'Deadly serious': 2 caribou herds shrink by half in latest count

A 2018 news story about the rapid decline of the Bathurst and Bluenose-East herds.
20 November 2018 | CBC

Is Warming Bringing a Wave of New Diseases to Arctic Wildlife?

Rapid warming and vanishing sea ice in the Arctic has enabled new species, from humpback whales to white-tailed deer, to spread northward. Scientists are increasingly concerned that some of these new arrivals may be bringing dangerous pathogens that could disrupt the region’s fragile ecosystems.
6 November 2018 | Yale 360

Across Canada, caribou are on course for extinction, a prominent expert warns. What happens after that?

While the threats caribou face are complex and vary by region, the common denominator is human activity, primarily through resource development and, increasingly, climate change.
29 October 2018 | Globe and Mail

Barren ground caribou classified as 'threatened' in the N.W.T.

A 2018 news story about the addition of barren-ground caribou to the NWT Species At Risk list.
11 July 2018 | CBC

Starvation after weather event killed caribou on remote Arctic island

Icy crust on snow may have prevented caribou from digging for lichen
2 February 2017 | CBC

Another Nunavut caribou herd faces decline

A 2016 news story about the Nunavut Government’s concern about Internet-driven sales of caribou meat.
4 March 2016 | Nunatsiaq News