Where Are All the Caribou?

A magazine length story talking about the general decline of barren-ground caribou and the impacts of that deline on local people. The story includes a focus on the Bathurst Caribou herd, the Western Arctic herd in Alaska, and a mention of the Porcupine herd. The story mentions various possible factors in the decline with making any conclusions.
20 November 2023 | National geographic

Barren-ground caribou shouldn’t be listed as threatened: GN

The Government of Nunavut says it will not support caribou being listed as threatened under the federal Species at Risk Act. Consultations on the listing are currently underway. The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board is on record supporting the listing. 
13 November 2023 | Nunatsiaq news

GNWT issues appeal over caribou harvesting near Inuvik-Tuk Highway

A brief story about reported illegal harvesting of caribou near the highway linking Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories.
8 November 2023 | Cabin Radio

Researcher illustrates animal behaviour in wildfire-burned forest

A story about a researcher investigating wildlife use of burned forest in the Northest Territories. Although the research focuses on caribou, the story mentions some evidence that moose are favouring recently burned forest areas. 
6 November 2023 | cbc north

Ice that survived Arctic summer hits low, with implications for traditional harvesting and shipping

A story that mentions the likely effects of disappearing sea ice on caribou that migrate to and from Canadian Arctic islands. It specificaly mentions the Dolphin and Union herd, a unique herd that migrates across th sea ice between Victoria Island and the mainland twice a year. The Northwest Territories Species at Risk Committee assessed the herd as 'endangered' in 2023.
24 October 2023 | cbc north

Agnico Eagle now complying with caribou order for Meadowbank, feds say

A mine north of Baker Lake in Nunavut has agreed to change some aspects of how it monitors and responds to caribou near the mine. Earlier in 2023, the Meadowbank Mine, owned by Agnico Eagle had been ordered by the federal government to comply with its permits relating to when and how it ceases operations on mining roads when caribou are present. The news story quotes a government document stating that the government is now satisfied with the mine owner's compliance with the earlier order.
5 October 2023 | CBC North

Caribou concerns dominate hearing on Nunavut mine extension

Public hearings about proposed extensions of a gold mining project near Rankin Inlet have heard fears about the potential impacts on caribou. A proposed wind farm is of particular concern, as local people say it is close to calving grounds.
20 September 2023 | CBC

Final hearing on future of Meliadine gold mine begins in Rankin Inlet

A proposal to extend the life of a gold mine near Rankin Inlet in Nunavut has raised concerns about the project's impact on caribou. The Meliadine mine proposal is being reviewed by the Nunavut Impact Review Board. One concern raised by the local Inuit association regards the impacts of a proposed wind farm at the mine. The Kivalliq Inuit Association says, "The impacts of wind turbines on barren ground caribou herds have not been studied in enough depth to truly understand the potential impacts...".
12 September 2023 | CBC

Gwich'in celebrate cancellation of oil exploration leases in Alaska's Arctic refuge Social Sharing

The US government administration annouced it is cancelling oil exploration leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an area that includes the breeding grounds of the Porcupine caribou herd. The herd migrate between Canada and Alaska. Gwich'in leaders say they will continue to push for eglislation to make the area permanently off-limits for oil and gas development. The decision was not poppular with Alaskan politicans and an organization representing the Iñupiat.
8 September 2023 | CBC

Caribou butts and wolf cameos: How motion-activated cameras may reveal the secrets of a healthy Manitoba herd

A News story about ongoing research on the Cape Churchill herd, much of whose territory is protected by Wapusk National Park. The research has used a network of trail cameras to help track caribou location and behaviour. The researchers are trying to determine why this particular herd is stable while many herds are declining - the hypothesis is that the park's protection has much to do with it.
24 August 2023 | CBC