Rankin Inlet HTO enacts temporary ban on hunting caribou for selling

The hunters and trappers organization (HTO) in Rankin Inlet has banned local hunters from selling caribou meat during the calving season. The article says that hunters can still hunt for their own consumption, but there are concerns about the impact of caribou sales. 
27 April 2023 | Nunatsiaq news

Elder passing on traditional caribou hide scraping with grandmother's tool

Web story and also 10:39 audio piece about an Innu woman who is passing on the skills of prepring a caribou hide to students at a school in Sheshatshiu in Labrador. in the audio you hear the voices of the instructor and students. People in the community traditionally hunted the George River herd, but that herd has declined by 98% since 2001, and now sits at about 7,200 according to the latest count. The caribou skin used by the class came from Quebec.  
24 April 2023 | CBC

Mining, climate change decimates the Bathurst caribou herd in N.W.T.

Both a web story and video (3'37"), with different content. The web story concentrates more on the decline of the Bathurst Caribou herd in NWT/Nunavut, and the efforts made by local Tłı̨chǫ people to monitor the caribou and the hunting of the caribou. The video covers some of the same ground but focuses more on the efforts to amass Tłı̨chǫ knowledge around the caribou and caribou hunting. 
13 April 2023 | APTN

Nunavut flips stance on caribou protection again, now supports development ban on calving grounds

The Government of Nunavut made a submission to the Nunavut Land Use Plan in which it supports banning mining development in caribou calving grounds, and taking measures to seasonally limit industrial activity in other areas important to caribou. The story notes that the government is not backing proposals by some Inuit organizations to impose mobile caribou protection measures, such as those used in the Northwest Territories to limit hunting of the Bathurst caribou herd.
11 April 2023 | cbc north

University of Saskatchewan researchers intensify efforts to track disease in caribou

A story about a new project to track the extent to which deer populations with chronic wasting disease overlap caribou habitat in northern Saskatchewan. The disease has yet to be found in caribou, but there are concerns that it could spread between different species in the deer family.
11 April 2023 | CBC

Ancient antlers show caribou calving grounds persist over millennia

A report on a study done in the calving range of the Porcupine caribou herd has looked at antlers shed after calving for evidence of how long the area has been used by the herd. A few antlers were found that were hundreds or even thousands of years old. This suggests that not only has the herd been using the area for that long, but also that it has used it through changing climatic conditions.
23 February 2023 | cabin radio

Guilbeault calls for decree to protect caribou in Quebec

Although this story is about woodland caribou, it is included here because of the actions being taken by a federal minister to discharge obligations to protect habitat for a threatened species, Woodland caribou. The federal minister has been negotiating a habitat protection plan with the government of Quebec, but the story quotes the Minister as saying that he is, "now required by law to recommend to the Governor in Council that a protection order be made for unprotected portions of critical boreal caribou habitat."
7 February 2023 | CTV news

Network of guardians working to protect Bathurst caribou

A story about how Indigenous guardian programs are coming together to help conserve the decimated Bathurst Caribou herd that ranges between the NWT and Nunavut. Particpants hope that insights from the different guardian programs will help the herd recover.
27 January 2023 | Cabin Radio

Miltenberger: Who speaks for the caribou?

An opinion piece by a former NWT cabinet minister talks about how caribou and wildlife issues were critical in creating a new cooperative political system in the NWT. He uses this example to question recent changes in NWT politics.
26 January 2023 | Northern news services

Fort McPherson, N.W.T., to host summit on Porcupine caribou herd next week

A story about a gathering of Gwich'in people in the Northwest Territories to discuss the state of the Porcupine caribou herd. The herd is one of the few barren-ground caribou herds that has not experienced declines recently, though the article does raise concerns about over-harvesting and meat wastage.
20 January 2023 | cbc north