Ottawa making good on threat to unilaterally protect Quebec caribou: minister

This is about the Canadian Enivronment Minister's plans to use the Species at Risk Act to protect woodland caribou habitat in Quebec, but is also significant for other caribou as this is the first time the federal government has given notice that it intends to use such powers.
21 April 2022 | Canadian Press

Protection du caribou : Ottawa prépare une offensive inédite contre Québec

A French-language news story about a letter from Canada's Environment Minister ot the government of Quebec discussing the potential of using the federal species at risk act to protect woodland caribou in Quebec, if provincial protections are found to be insufficient. This is a measure some conservationists have been advocating. There are estimated to be just over 5200 woodland caribou left in the province.
12 April 2022 | Radio Canada

Parts of Northwest Alaska will be closed to nonlocal caribou and moose hunters the next 2 summers

A regulatory body in Alaska has closed off caribou and moose hunting in an area in the Northwest of the state to anyone but local residents. Local people "...asked for closures to preserve the declining moose and caribou population, restore the caribou migration pattern and protect subsistence resources desperately needed during the pandemic." 2021 figures show the Western Arctic caribou herd has declined by almost a quarter over the two years previous to the 2021 count.
4 April 2022 | Alaska Daily News

A story about the quest of the Beverly and Qamanirjuaq caribou management board to double its budget, in part to pay for an updated management plan for the herds. There's also a reference in the story to incresed pressures of sport hunting on the herds.
1 April 2022 | Nunatsiaq news

ENR debuts first of five regional plans designed to protect boreal caribou habitat

This news story is about a government of the Northwest Territories interim plan to protect boreal (woodland) caribou in part of the territory. The government has split the territory into five management regions and this interim plan applies to only one of the regions, the Wek’èezhı̀ı. The interim plan sets limits for habitat disturbance. There are an estimated 6,000 to 7,000 boreal caribou in the territory. They are designated “threatened” by both the federal and NWT governments.
29 March 2022 | Northern News Services

Death threat aimed at chief of B.C. First Nation over proposed changes to moose, caribou hunting

A news story about how proposed changes to hunting regulations have resulted in death threats against members of a First Nation. The proposed changes follow a court ruling that treaty agreements have been violated due to cumative effects of development on populations of caribou and other animals.
28 March 2022 | CBC

Public help sought to identify illegal caribou harvesters

A brief news story about more apparent illiegal hunting of caribou in the Bathurst herd. Hunting restrictions were put in place to help conserve the herd which has slipped from a high of 400,000 animals down to less than 7,000.
17 March 2022 | Northern news services

Tłı̨chǫ Gov't says caribou herds need 'balance' between conservation, harvesting, industry

A news article that talks about the need to balance the pressures on Northwest Territories caribou herds. The article notes that the Bluenose East herd seem to be recovering, while the Bathurst herd contniues to decline.  
14 March 2022 | CBC north

N.W.T. judge tasked with clearing 'log jam' built by differing caribou worldviews

A news story about a court challenge lodged by Sahtu communities after the Northwest Territories government rejected a community conservation plan for the Bluenose West herd.The Colville Lake Renewable Resources Council (CLRRC), Behdzi Ahda First Nation and Ayoni Keh Land Corporation and the Sahtu Renewable Resources Board are challenging the decision. The herd is officially estimated at about fewer than 19,000 animals, down from a high of 110,000.
3 March 2022 | cbc north

Another deplorable failure to truly address First Nations rights and issues

A news release announcing that two Innu First Nations [the Innu First Nation Council of Essipit and Pekuakamiulnuatsh Takuhikan Pekuakamiulnuatsh Takuhikan (Pekuakamiulnuatsh First Nation)] have filed a lawsuit against the Government of Quebec, "for failure to fulfill its duty to consult on issues related to the protection of Atiku, the caribou." The First Nations say the government is procrastinating on caribou protection measures, resulting in cultural loss and jeopardizing Aboriginal rights.  
28 February 2022 | Cision